Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lenten Prayers #24 - #29

Let us in Thy dear presence always dwell,
That our hearts and our minds be always well,
Our desires be overflowing in Thee,
Our confidence growing, all fears to quell.

When eyes have not the strength by which to see,
Let our blindness become humility,
Guard, guide, wake, walk, overshadow with Thy wing,
To lead us, take us, into Thy glory.

May lisping tongues ever, professions, sing,
May meek off'rings ever, confessors, bring,
Unto this God-Man, Christ Jesus, the Lord,
Our savior, our brother, our conq'ring king.

Smitten by pestilence, famine, and sword,
Sundered as by fire, consumed by discord,
Wrenching and blenching, upturning our face,
To One in whom all are made one accord.

Slanderers and thieves do mock our disgrace,
Condemning our worship, sacking our space,
Loose our chains and bind our enemy's hand,
That Thy name may resound from place to place.

Number Thy people as You number sand,
Raise up Thy armies as a glorious band,
Stave off Thy wrath till the timing is sure,
Then set loose vengeance; by trumpet command.

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